Pre Purchase Inspections Melbourne

Buying a new home?  Let us look after all of your concerns when

making sure you’re not buying someone else’s hidden problems.

We’ll love checking every corner, nook and cranny of the house or unit you are looking putting your hard earned money down on.

We’ll get dirty and dusty and probably bump our head on the

underside of the floorboards to ensure we don’t miss a trick – and

you’ll get a thumbs up (or down) straight away and know that you

are making the right decision.                                                                  

We are experts in period home renovations, so we know what is

lurking behind that freshly painted wall – or at very least have a

sneaking & suspicious eye.

Want to save thousands?  Invest as little as .001% of the purchase

price to access our knowledge base.  It is always smart to ask an expert.