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Terms & Conditions
This agreement forms part of this Pre Purchase Inspection Building Report.
(Offer & Acceptance, Form of Valuable Consideration and Instructions applies here.)
(Definition: Offer and Acceptance; analysis is a traditional approach in contract law used to determine whether an agreement
exists between two parties. Agreement consists of an offer by an indication of one person (the "offeror") to another (the
"offeree") of the offeror's willingness to enter into a contract on certain terms without further negotiations. A contract is said to
come into existence when acceptance of an offer (agreement to the terms in it) has been communicated to the offeror by the
offeree and there has been consideration bargained-for induced by promises or a promise, associated costs and performance.)
(Definition: Valuable Consideration; it is very important that the Purchaser has had time to consider and deliberate what it is
you, the inspector, is about to carry out for them as per their instructions. The benefit of carrying out this inspection is confirmed
for example if Credit Card details are provided or an agreement is entered into for payment prior or on delivery of the inspection
(Definition: Instructions; the purchaser has given verbal or written directions to carry out this pre purchase building inspection
on their behalf. At times it is very difficult to obtain written directions if the inspection and report is to be carried out the same
day as ordered.)
This inspection will be carried out in compliance with AS4349.1-2007 except for Strata Units or
properties where the inspection will be according with Appendix B of AS4349.1-2007.
1. This inspection is a visual evaluation only for the buildings within 30 metres of the main building and within
the inspection properties boundaries.
2. ACKNOWLEDGMENT: I agree to contact the Inspector once I have read the report or the Inspector will
contact me.
3. Safe and reasonable access will only be achieved to the property being inspected to the areas of, The
Exterior, The Site, The Boundaries, The Roof Exterior (subject to height & weather restrictions) The Interior,
The Interior of The Roof Space and within the Sub Floor areas (if applicable) only.
4. The report will also advise on visible minor and major defects, safety hazards and any cracking visible to
the buildings elements on the day and time of the inspection.
5. The Inspector will not conduct any invasive inspections. (Written instructions must be provided for any
invasive inspections required now or in the future as the Inspector will not cut, break apart, dismantle or
remove any objects of roofing, wall or ceiling linings, A/C ducting, foliage, roof insulation, floor or wall
coverings, fixtures, furnishings or any personal belongings currently in place.)
6. The Inspector will advise you should there be need to carry out an Invasive Inspection to the property that
they inspected. In the event an Invasive Inspection should be required, then you should NOT agree to
anything until this Invasive Inspection has been completed and reported on.
7. We DO NOT & WILL NOT inspect inside of walls, between floors, inside flat roofing, inside any eave areas,
behind any stored goods in cupboards, behind heavy furnishings and other areas that are obstructed at our
8. It is highly recommended that a full Timber Pest Inspection carried out in compliance with AS4349.3-2010.
9. No inspection will be carried out for Asbestos. (This is out of our area of expertise, unless otherwise
10. No inspection will be carried out for Magnasite. (This is out of our area of expertise, unless otherwise
11. No inspection will be made for Mould. (This is out of our area of expertise, unless otherwise stated)
12. No inspection will be made for Solar Power Panels. (This is out of our area of expertise, unless
otherwise stated)
13. Costs for building rectification works are not provided within this Report. Should you require any costings
you should seek further advice from a licensed builder.
14. When a property is occupied we bring your attention to be aware that furnishings and other belongings may
conceal evidence of other issues which can only be discovered if and when these items are moved or
removed and or after this inspected property has been vacated.
15. When and if Timber Pest Damage is found, it will be reported. We will only report on the visible damage at
the time of this inspection.
16. We will at times recommend other types of inspections that are out of our areas of expertise during our
inspection reporting process.
17. This Inspection will not cover or report the items listed in Appendix D to AS4349.1-2007. A copy of
Appendix D can be provided upon request.
18. Where a Strata Title property is to be inspected, then we will only inspect the strata unit’s interior and the
unit’s immediate exterior to be inspected as detailed in Appendix B in AS4349.1-2007. A full Strata Report
must be obtained for all of the common areas before you make an informed decision to purchase the Unit.
A copy of Appendix B can be provided upon request.
19. If an issue, pending dispute or a claim arises out of this inspection and report then each party must give
written notice to each of the parties within 28 days. Disputes will then be handled by an independent
mediator or arbitrator. Each party will pay their own costs.
20. We will not be liable for any third party loss or damage suffered by any Person other than you in connection
with the Inspection Reports use. We are released from any claims or further actions, damages or loss
whatsoever if this report is to be used by another person or entity without our written permission to do so.
21. The extent of accessible areas shall be determined by the inspector at the time of inspection, based on the
conditions encountered at the time of inspection. The inspector shall also determine whether sufficient
space is available to allow safe access.
If sub-floor areas appear to have been recently sprayed with any Chemical Treatments these areas should
not be inspected unless it is safe.
Access Panel
Crawl space
Accessible Height
400mm x 500mm
Minimum of 600mm x
From a 3.6m ladder off a level
platform and only if it is safe to
do so
From a 3.6m ladder only and off
a safe level ground surface
Subject to inspectors
discretion as to safe
and reasonable
Subject to inspectors
discretion as to safe and
reasonable access
Subject to inspectors discretion
as to safe and reasonable
22. Limitations to this Inspection are noted above and how these limitations may affect the Inspection are:
In general, any stored or scattered goods, stored boxes, parked cars, bikes, boats, trailers, A/C
units and their ducting and any external covering foliage, plants, vines, stored fire wood and
timbers, vines clinging to external wall surfaces, trees covering areas will hinder our inspection to
the areas clearly stated within the body of this report.
23. We invite you to contact the inspector shown on the last page of this report so any implications or unresolved
issues can be explained. The inspector can only advise on areas within their area of expertise. Any
unexplained areas you agree to research yourself prior to making any further decision to purchase this
24. You, the Purchaser need to have any misunderstood issue fully explained to you prior to making any decision
in purchasing this as inspected property. Your Conveyancer is not adequately qualified to explain any issues
to you, you must contact the Inspector shown on the last page of this report.